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06 February 2011 @ 09:28 pm
Wizarding Life interviews  
Since Feb 1, in the lead-up to the release of Starship, the Wizarding Life online magazine has been doing an interview a day with members of Starkid.

Joe Walker
Wizarding Life: Do you have a day job?

Joe Walker: I like to call myself a ‘produceling’ within the StarKid Company. Which is, not quite a producer–but um, not quite not a producer either.

I actually just made that phrase up literally thirty seconds before the interview started, so–um, no–I’m unemployed. I just, I’m unemployed; but Starship is full time job and has been–Ya know we’ve been writing the show since September basically. So it’s been kind of a full time job for the past three or four months, so that’s what I’ve been up to recently.

WL: Who is a person that inspires you?

JW: Inspires me? Well ya know, I always thought that I personally lacked people that I looked to for inspiration, it’s always been a character flaw of mine.

So I don’t know–I don’t have an answer for you off the top of my head like I know that some smart people might. Um, let’s say… Its gotta be a good one… I am inspired by… Oh geez–how about my–Let’s go with my father!

WL: Your father?

JW: Sure. I can think of a better one.

WL: We’ll come back to it.

JW: Yeah, we’ll come back to it. It’s like an SAT question.

WL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

JW: Five years. Um, I suppose in five years I hope to be acting professionally, regularly–While maintaining a position within StarKid and whatever work we are doing in five years. I think in five years things will be very different than what they are nowadays, but ya know–acting, ‘producling’, and I guess–This was my first foray into writing with the guys, so I suppose if that continues–which I don’t see why it wouldn’t then um, ya know… Doing some great theater, movie and or TV or something like that. It’s not a very detailed plan, I suppose. We’re just doing one thing at a time I guess; we’ll see how Starship goes.

WL: Speaking of Starship, is there anything you can tell us about it?

JW: Um, sure! What do you want to know?

WL: What’s your character’s name?

JW: My character’s name? My character is named Up and he is a commander in the Starship ranks. I don’t really want to go into much more because I don’t want to give away plot. I am a Starship Ranger, and my name is Up… U-P.

WL: Most embarrassing moment with StarKid?

JW: It’s actually hard to get embarrassed around here ‘cause embarrassment is sort of a relative thing, where you have to be around people that you can be embarrassed in front of to be embarrassed but anyway–I’d say the most embarrassing moment was when… The moment when there was a picture of me in a rainbow bikini kind of got filtered around on the internet–that counts as an embarrassing moment. That was kind of embarrassing I suppose. Not terribly embarrassing; I’m not one to get embarrassed, really. That is sort of another character trait of me, where I generally… My strategy is to embrace things that are embarrassing and sort of use their power.

WL: That must have been helpful in playing Umbridge.

JW: Yes, yeah. It wasn’t so embarrassing, um—[laugher] All right, most embarrassing StarKid moment: Showing it to my family! ‘Cause they generally don’t see any of the shows cause they all live overseas and across the country. So it’s not for lack of support but more of a logistical thing. Actually, just this past Christmas they sat down–My dad and his wife, sat down and watched the Sequel and I guess that was a little embarrassing except, well–my dad really liked it.

WL: At least they’re supportive.

JW: Yeah, yeah, they’re supportive. They’re supportive and oblivious which is the best way to have parents be.

WL: Most amazing moment with StarKid?

JW: I guess being at Infinitus and watching the show–watching the Sequel on the big screen was a lot of fun. That was probably the best part; I generally don’t sit down and watch them on YouTube, so it was a fun experience to sit down and actually watch the show–with everyone that was in it! And then along with all these great, amazing people that came to see it, so it was a lot of fun.

WL: Most memorable fan moment?

JW: Most memorable fan moment… I got tackled once, by a fan. Um… I actually just remembered it, and it was actually, literally my first fan moment I ever had.

There was a posting that was put up on Craigslist, under the missed encounters sort of commenting on whoever played Voldermort in that Harry Potter play that happened last night, and it was funny because this was before anything happened with the show, so that was the very first thing I could categorize as a fan thing; so that was pretty funny.

WL: Most creepy fan moment?

JW: Well, that first one also kind of falls under the creepy fan moment, but I can’t tell you what it said, so that won’t make much sense. Hmm, I don’t know, there aren’t really that many creepy fan moments, I don’t think. The internet is where it can get kind of creepy sometimes, but I don’t really find it that creepy cause it’s like– ‘Hey, it’s the internet’, like whatever, go for it. I feel like the internet is a no-holds bar kind of place, so I try not to get too creeped out by anything that I read on there, so I don’t really have an answer for that one. Sorry, I’m boring.

WL: Favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

JW: For whatever reason, I liked the first one a lot, because I so enjoy the first time he gets onto the Hogwarts Express. I remember reading that when I was like eleven or something and being pretty blown away by how cool it was that they were on an invisible train. I know it’s not really invisible, but the fact that Platform 9 3/4 thing was a magical platform–out of the whole book I thought that was the coolest thing. I like the first one because I remember how enchanted I was the first time, I remember sitting there and just being like, ‘This is the coolest flippin’ book, ever.’

So that’s my book, but the movie… Um, actually I could say something similar to the movie where I remember when the first movie came out, being pretty blown away at how amazingly well they captured all of it. I really liked the fifth movie, for whatever reason. I’m not saying that cause I played Umbridge, but Umbridge was such a nasty being and it was like–she nailed it! She’s an amazing actress, so I don’t know, I just like that one.

WL: Celebrity crush?

JW: Jennifer Connelly.

WL: What house would you be?

JW: I don’t know, I don’t know what house I am–I’m not a Slytherin–I’m not a Slytherin, ‘cause I’m not smart enough. [Laughter] Uh, probably like a Ravenclaw or a Slytherin, maybe I am a Slytherin, I don’t know. It’s like, I do like flying and stuff like that–I’m… I’m really not a Slytherin, I’m really not. You see, I don’t really know, that’s the weird one. Maybe Gryffindor because I like to be straightforward, is that a trait of Gryffindor?

WL: What was your favorite StarKid role, and why?

JW: Well, Voldemort was a lot of fun, because that was—just, Voldemort was a lot of fun, it was just like, kind of messing around–kind of a lot of fun. That’s why it’s a good show, I think that’s why that’s a good performance, as far as personally. I feel that way because, ya know–It was just a hell of a lot of fun. I also had a lot of fun with the one before that, which was when we did a Lord of the Rings parody, and I played all the villainous humans. So I played like Boromir, Denethor and Faramir so that was a lot of fun because I had a British accent.

WL: Did Voldemort’s husky voice take a toll on you physically?

JW: A little bit, I think so. I think what is more impacting is that we don’t take breaks because there’s such a short rehearsal and performance period; the lack of breaks is what is really affects you.

WL: What was the biggest hair, makeup, costume challenge in AVPM or AVPS?

JW: Well, it wasn’t that big of a challenge honestly to be Voldemort; I just got there an hour early and covered myself in white paint. Like, I’ve had tougher things, I mean it was a lot of makeup, but it wasn’t as if I had to do it quickly. I think that one of the toughest things was sitting behind the cardboard cauldron and trying to tie my tap shoes, was one of the hardest parts; that was a pretty quick change. I had to get out of that freaking robe and then into tap shoes. The next most difficult thing was putting on the Team Jacob t-shirt as Umbridge without messing up the hair.

WL: Would you say you’re a more confident person, having played a Dark Lord, a woman and a dick?

JW: Um, no… I think I was born with confidence oozing out of my crack. [Laughter] Sorry I’m just kidding! The real answer is that I never really had much hesitation in taking roles that were ridiculous. My first foray onto the stage was as a Julia Childs parody. So literally my first role was a woman. I mean hell; I got a standing ovation, so I think that, that was probably the beginning of me. I also at one point in my life, had a director award me most likely to become famous for humiliating stuff. I think this was just impartial of what has been decreed by the theater gods to be my destiny.

WL: How do you develop your characters’ mannerisms?

JW: A lot of them are borrowed from my mannerisms, a lot of the time we will–well it depends I guess. It’s like sort of a case by case bases, like Voldemort most of them are more or less why I make him with the silly voice like in some extra dramatic scene. Umbridge isn’t really that much like me, Umbridge is just me pretending to be a girl with a low voice. Oh–I never really thought of someone who inspires me–usually Kung Fu sayings are what inspires me!


Thanks for checking our Joe Walker’s interview. This is only our first of 13 interviews with the Starship cast. Stay tuned each morning at 6:00EST for more!

Julia Albain

WL: StarKid fan Emily thinks you were a last-minute replacement as Crabbe or brought in very shortly. If true, what was it like coming in on short notice?

Julia: So when they were doing the show, I had been directing another show—I had conflicts; I wasn’t a part of it at all. I think my show ended and it was the Sunday before they were opening. They were loading into the theater and I went in just to help them paint stuff, ‘cause these were all my good friends and they needed help. I went in to paint stuff and I remember Nick Lang came up to me and was like, “Hey, Julia, you want to be in the play?” And I was like, “That’s funny, you’re crazy.” And he was, like, “we never cast Crabbe and we need a Crabbe” and I was like “Oh, you know what, fine. But how could I possibly learn this show in 4 days?” and they were like “don’t worry, you’ll get it.” And that’s what we did. I just jumped in that day and learned it really fast and it was crazy and exciting. But the hardest thing was that I hadn’t been with it long enough. So everything was so funny to me. I had to walk onstage and I would hear some of these jokes for the first time, but I couldn’t laugh at them because I was onstage in the scene. So it was torturous, because I was watching my friends be hysterical, but I couldn’t laugh because I was onstage.

WL: When will Starship be uploaded to YouTube?

JA: A lot of it will just depend on how quickly they can get it edited. You can imagine that many hours and that many cameras takes a while. But the guys usually like to get it done really fast. So I would guess, but I don’t know, but March/mid-March. Something like that. Maybe sooner or maybe a little later, but you know the goal would be to get it up as soon as we could.

WL: Has StarKid ever thought about going on tour?

JA: You know, that would be amazing, that would be so fun. The reason we haven’t before is because we couldn’t sell tickets to any of our other shows. We can’t afford to go on tour. I don’t know what will happen with [Starship], but that’s kind of beyond our powers right now. We’re just trying to go from one day to the next.

WL: Will there be merchandise for Starship?

JA: There will, there will. There will be a lot of merchandise. We’re going to bring Ann Arbor T-shirt company down, and they have a lot of exciting ideas for new merchandise. We have a lot more freedom with Starship because it’s our own thing, so there’s going to be a lot of cool stuff coming.

WL: If you could become best friends with any famous person, who would it be and why?

JA: I think I would say Angelina Jolie, because I think she is really fascinating and complex. I think it’d be very interesting to be able to feel like I know her as a whole person, ‘cause I think on one side, she’s had like crazy, weird, creepy, kinda outlandish incidents in her life. But at the same time, she’s obviously very inspiring now in her life, and she’s someone who’s always fascinated me. I guess that would be my answer.

WL: Why was Spiderman referenced in your other shows? Does he have a place in Starship?

JA: You know, I haven’t talked to Spiderman recently, so I don’t know if he’s going to show up for Starship or not. He’s really busy these days, like crawling into orchestra pits on Broadway. But no, I don’t know. The guys love, love old comics and so I think they just love to kind of reference anything they pull in, you know?

WL: Anything you can anticipate for StarKid’s future?

JA: We’re just trying to get from one day to the next. We have ideas, like Lauren and I did a goof show a few years ago that we’d love to rework called The Moms. And I think the guys probably have some other ideas. Right now, we’re just trying to get through Starship and see what that does and then maybe we’ll decide what we want to do next. I’m sure, as everyone knows, the boys have A Very Potter 3 that they’d love to do, we just don’t know if it’ll happen. But it exists in their minds for sure.

WL: Will there be any meet-and-greets for Starship attendees?

JA: You know, if people can hang out after the show, we’d love to hang out with everyone. I don’t know if we can organize an official meet-and-great, because it’s going to be such a hectic couple of weeks, but we’ll be there, you know? We’ll be hanging. Hopefully, we’ll get to talk to as many as people as we can after the show. I know I’ve been getting all these e-mails from people who it seems like people are traveling really far to come in and see the show, so I’m really excited to get to talk to and meet some people and to spend some time with everyone. As you can imagine, things get kind of crazy. It won’t be like anything we did in Ann Arbor, but we’ll be there. And hopefully we’ll get to be like get to hang and talk to people after the show and see what they think.

WL: What is your day job? I’m assuming it is to work for StarKid.

JA: Yes, yes, right now I’m really lucky and my full-time day job, night job, all-the-time job is working for StarKid.

WL: Person who most inspires you?

JA: Oh, this is tricky. You guys, this is tricky. You know who most inspires me? And he’s not living, but there’s this writer, Khalil Gibran, he writes a lot of very kind of spiritual, philosophical poems. He was a Lebanese writer. His book The Prophet is my all-time favorite book, and every time I read something of his, it’s very inspiring, so I would say at this moment in time, Khalil Gibran.

WL: Your most embarrassing moment around StarKid?

JA: Well, this weird thing has been happening. When I moved to Chicago, I’m returning to being like a fifteen-year-old girl who’s growing faster than my body understands, and so I’m super clumsy. I don’t know what’s happened, but I’m super clumsy. A couple of months ago, I was out one night with Brian Holden and Joe Walker and we were hanging out and Joe Walker was running down the street trying to ninja chops leaves out of the tree. And I, I don’t know, I was just like “I can do that better!” I was like “I’m going to try and keep up with the boys tonight,” so I went and ran and tried to ninja chop leaves out of the tree. And I totally bit it. Like, fell backward on the sidewalk, sprained my ankle so bad that the guys had to carry me home. And I was so embarrassed, and they won’t let me live it down, now. Like, won’t let me live it down. They call me Ghoulia because I’m just clumsy and screwing everything up.

WL: Most memorable moment with a fan?

JA: Most memorable moment from a fan…you know what was really sweet? We did this meet-and-greet a few weeks ago and I was there, and this girl walked up – and I’m Crabbe, I’m in a hat and people don’t always recognize me, which is fine because I just love being a part of everything, but I’m not Joe Walker or Lauren Lopez. But I was there, I write a lot, and this girl walked up to me and said, “your writing inspires me so much,” and she was so heartfelt, and she had a friend with her. And the friends had met because of their mutual love of StarKid. They were like, “we came to know each other through StarKid. Now we’re best friends. We you’re your writing and it really inspires us to go forward with what we want to do”. It was just a moment, I was like … “well, I’m not curing cancer, but this girl right here seems to have been helped by something I wrote down one day, and that’s enough for me. That’s pretty cool.”

WL: Taking the complete opposite side, have you had any fan moments that have come off as creepy?

JA: Creepy. Um. You know the only thing that sometimes gets me is I’ll get a Facebook message or a Twitter reply where people will ask like really personal questions. It’s mostly they theorize on who is dating who and sometimes you get a really inappropriate twist to that kind of question. When that happens, that’s when I’m like, “Oh, I don’t like this because this is like my best friends and my family.” And I don’t want our friendship being theorized and twisted in those kinds of ways. So, I get it. I’m sure I do the same thing with celebrities, but it made me realize the invasion privacy and wanting to know all these things about our daily lives. Sometimes it’s a little much.

WL: How tall are you?

JA: I’m 5’2″.

WL: 5’2″? So you’re competing with Lauren?

JA: She’s shorter than me; let’s be clear on that. Why do you want to know?

WL: I have no idea; a lot of people just asked. Favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

JA: Favorite Harry Potter book was book six, by far. Favorite movie? Can I be totally honest? I’ve seen all the movies, I believe. I don’t love all the movies, because I was such an avid book reader and I like all the detail J.K. Rowling writes with, and the movies can’t give that to me completely. So I don’t know. They kind of blur together. I don’t think I have a favorite one.

WL: Celebrity crush?

JA: Oh my gosh, Ryan Gosling. If anyone can get me to meet Ryan Gosling, I swear, I will owe you forever.

WL: Hogwarts house with which you associate yourself?

JA: I mean, like … Gryffindor? But everyone wants to say Gryffindor, so I feel bad saying that, but, like, I work too much sometimes. I’m a little bit Hermione, but then I’m a little bit Ron who gets himself in trouble, but is too clumsy to get himself out of trouble.

WL: Would you date a fan?

JA: Gosh, I don’t know, would a fan date me? I mean, most of the StarKid fans are girls — I mean I love girls, just not to date. I don’t know. Recently, I was meeting someone and we were potentially meeting as interested in each other, and then when I told him what I did, it came out that he knew about it. And, I hate to say it, but I was kinda like, “Ohh…I don’t know.” Not because I don’t love our fans, but just because I want something in my life separate? Yeah, so, but you know what, if a wonderful man came along that was 5’11”, 6’0”, tall dark and handsome and beautiful and just happened to be a fan, then I’m not going to toss him to the trash.

WL: Any advice for aspiring performers?

JA: You know, the best advice I can give would just be to do everything, to try everything, and to learn by doing. I feel like I’ve learned to act by just doing it. By getting involved wherever I could. I learned to direct by just doing it. By taking on projects. And I write, and through writing I’ve leaned how to write. And the more I do it, the better I feel I get and the more competent I am with it. My best experiences have always been when I’ve been making experiences for myself. And I think that’s how all of StarKid got started. We just decided to do it. So I would say, just do it.

WL: What are the craziest things you’ve ever done?

JA: Craziest things I’ve done is my entire year in New York City. I’ve just came off a year in New York City before I came into, to Chicago, and I had one of those every horror story you hear from New York. Moved there with a suitcase and was just camped out for a year. And I think that was the weirdest thing I’ve done, since I didn’t have a plan going in. And it all went wrong, but oh so right at the same time.

WL: What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?

JA: I can’t eat ice cream; I’m lactose intolerant. I love ice cream. It’s probably one of my favorite foods. I just can’t eat it. But I would say chocolate chip cookie dough.

WL: Would you rather go to Hogwarts or Pigfarts?

JA: Hogwarts. I’m sorry, but I don’t need to go to outer space — well I guess I do because it’s our next show — I don’t need to go to outer space, but Hogwarts. That’s real.

WL: What was your favorite scene to perform?

JA: From any of the shows? In the Sequel, it was so fun that we got to do dancing. And really great dancing. Because I used to be a dancer and I missed that a lot. But, honestly, my favorite scene was the “Hermione can’t draw” scene. Every time, I would just walk offstage, crying with laughter. It was so much fun to do.


Jaime Lyn Beatty

Wizarding Life: What is your day job?

Jaime Lyn Beatty: I just moved to Chicago two days ago, so I am currently unemployed. I just dropped off my resume at Second City, but I used to work at a restaurant.

WL: Who is the person who inspires you?

JLB: I would state the obvious and go with Rosa Parks, but probably… Jenny Slate from Saturday Night Live! She does a lot of cool videos. Like “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On,” which is one of my favorite things in the world.

WL: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

JLB: In 5 years… that’s 2016ish, I guess. I see myself in a Jacuzzi, in a really beautiful apartment I have. I see myself doing lots of musical improv, because I’ve been getting into that and so hopefully in 5 years I’ll be doing lots of musical improv.

WL: What exactly is musical improv?

JLB: Musical improv is basically making up songs, improvising songs. It’s something I recently got into while I was studying improv in New York. If you’ve ever seen improv where you take suggestions and you build themes around it, the difference is that this is song so it’s an entirely new musical every time and it’s all made up on the spot. So I would like to do that—I would like to be on a musical improv team in five years. And not be pregnant.

WL: Is there anything you can tell us about Starship?

JLB: It is a musical, it is about outer space, and it’s going be an rip-roaring laugh of a good time.

WL: What is your most embarrassing moment with StarKid so far?

JLB: My most embarrassing moment… I get embarrassed a lot, so that’s just kind of standard for me. I think I do a lot of embarrassing things, so it takes a lot for me to get embarrassed ‘cause most of the time I’m doing so many stupid things that it kind of just gets hidden. Oh well. I guess that one time when I was at a show in New York–I was at a dance show–and there were some fans there. They waved to me while I was sitting and I didn’t realize at the time why they were waving so I just waved back and the guy in front of me thought that I was part of something. That’s a really bad story but I don’t get embarrassed?

WL: What is your most amazing moment with StarKid?

JLB: My most amazing moment with StarKid is during the shows, honestly. There’s such an adrenaline high that I get from being on stage with everyone. So I think that’s probably the most amazing moment. It’s such magic and power. It’s the magic how a lot of our shows have just come together at the last moment. It’s the magic of being on stage. “I can’t believe that just happened,” and so on. Just the fact that the shows have come together is really a cool experience. Oh, and the time when Joe put out a fire.

WL: Huh, what is this?

JLB: Oh, this is a famous story where it was a time when Joe [Walker] was backstage during the first shows, and there was a fire in one of the trash cans. Joe picked up a fire extinguisher and put it out. But it’s a well known story.

WL: What’s your most memorable fan moment?

JLB: Oh! There was this little kid who came to one of the shows. He was five years old and he was tiny. He was just singing all of the songs and he immediately came up and pointed at me and was like “Ginny!” and it was really cute. I think that my favorite fans are the little tyke fans, because they’re too young to know any better. They’re too young to understand that we’re acting like total idiots. Like the little kid that did the Voldemort dance on YouTube.

WL: How about the creepiest fan moment?

JLB: There hasn’t really been a creepy fan moment. I don’t think fans are necessarily creepy. If they looked like monsters or were particularly ugly or something, that’d be creepy. Like if they had five eyes all over the place. But no, they don’t really creep me out. I just think it’s kind of cool that people like us, ‘cause I was such a nerd in middle school that I got made fun of all the time. So I welcome any and all fans.

WL: How tall are you?

JLB: 5 feet and 6 inches tall. I think I’m one of the tallest girls in the group, if I dare say that. I was always very insecure about my height; I always wish I was smaller.

WL: What is your favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

JLB: You know, I will be honest and I say that I have not read the books, but I have seen the movies and everyone can let out a big sigh of relief–and I’m sorry if I’m letting anyone down. But I have seen the movies and I think the last movie was the coolest. I particularly liked the last movie with the dream sequence with the shadow puppets; I literally got chills during that moment.

WL: Who is your celebrity crush?

JLB: Uuuuuh. Oh, oh! That would be Seth Meyers from SNL.

WL: We know you said that you’ve only seen the movies, so if you can’t answer this, then it’s all right, but what Hogwarts house would you be in?

JLB: Gryffindor, because I’m very determined and I’m very happy but I’ve always been a good student, at least I’d like to think so. Even though some times when I come off looking like a dumb-ass, I’ve got a little bit of Hermione in me.

WL: Would you date a fan?

JLB: I don’t know! It’s like… my parents are my fans–well I’m not saying I would date my parents. I’m digging myself into a hole. I would hope that my potential husband or boyfriend would not hate what I did. There has to be support there, you know what I mean?

WL: What is your favorite thing about being a StarKid?

JLB: Being a StarKid… um, just the fact that we have cool sunglasses—no, I don’t know. The fact that we’re all friends and it was just this stupid play we put on in college and now we’re actually [doing something]. It’s like we’re a cool club house; it’s like we’ve got a club house! Have you ever seen Little Rascals or Now and Then? Whenever movies had club houses, I always wanted that as a kid, ‘cause like I said I was really unpopular in middle school so I always wanted to have a club house. (I also lived in the city so it’d have been impossible to have a tree house or club house…) So StarKid for me is like, for the first time, having a cool club house full of Little Rascals friends.

WL: This isn’t one of our standard questions but since you’ve been talking about it, do you have any advice for kids who are being bullied or who just don’t fit in and are having a hard time?

JLB: I will give advice because, okay, kids of the world out there–you’re not kids, because you’re people. And I had braces and had glasses when I was little; I was made fun of a lot, through all of middle school—I just think middle school’s the worst, I know I keep saying that. But honestly, if you just continue to be yourself and like the things that you like because you like them, and not because people want you to like something. If you just follow your passion, even it’s the weirdest thing—like, I used to be into eating tofu all the time for lunch and that’s weird (cause I lived in Japan for a little while and I grew up on weird food like that). If you continue to be yourself, like what you like, believe in yourself, eventually find your own cool people. Most of the time people who are cool in high school and middle school are not so cool in college, and I really think you can find yourself and the people who really care about you in college. Don’t try to change yourself for others.

WL: Funnily enough, the next question on our list is: if you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

JLB: I guess I would be… I would want to be a mermaid or something. I know it’s not a person, but I’ve been scuba diving and I really like being under water. I’d be a mermaid for a day and explore the Pacific Ocean.


Brant Cox

Wizarding Life: What is your day job?

Brant Cox: My day job is an actor?

WL: Do you do work outside of StarKid then?

BC: I do some catering on the side.

WL: Who is a person who inspires you?

BC: Absolutely my grandma!

WL: Why does she inspire you?

BC: She was the first person in our family to go to college. She grew up on a ranch in Montana and she more or less ran away from home and moved to New York City and started this life and became a beacon for our family. Our whole family wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her, we’d still be up in the middle of Montana. She’s just progressive and really, really cool.

WL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

BC: I see myself in Los Angeles. I actually currently reside in Los Angeles, but I’m here in Chicago for the show. So I hope to be back in Los Angeles and working in film and television. Also, I’m a big improv actor and I’m with the Groundlings in Los Angeles, and I hope to be big in the improv scene.

WL: What’s your most embarrassing moment with StarKid so far?

BC: Oh my gosh, that, is an incredibly good question. The thing is I don’t know if I have one yet, because I’m only two days in here and I’m kind of new to the whole thing, So I guess maybe showing up to the read-through and not really knowing much of what was going on. I kinda got thrown into it, and got asked to do it about two, three weeks before it all started, and I didn’t even have the script before the read-through—so I guess that would be the most embarrassing thing thus far.

WL: Did you go to University of Michigan with the rest of them?

BC: I did go to University of Michigan, I was a musical theatre major so I was in a different major than them. So we knew each other of each other And then actually I got to know Brian Holden and all of them when they lived in Los Angeles. They lived in Los Angeles for a couple of years before they all moved to Chicago and I really got to know them there, but actually not that much in University of Michigan because we were in separate majors. But I knew of them.

WL: What’s your most amazing moment in StarKid so far?

BC: Well the best was when they called me and asked me to do it. I’ve wanted to be a part of their shows since they started doing them. I was a senior when they put on the first Harry Potter and I’ve wanted to be a part of it for the longest time and I think was the call when Brian called me to ask if I wanted to be in the show. And that was absolutely the most exciting thus far.

WL: How tall are you?

BC: Six foot.

WL: Favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

BC: Oh, obviously Goblet of Fire is the best book. Movie, that’s really tough… honestly, I think the fifth movie might be my favourite.

WL: Celebrity crush?

BC: Emma Stone.

WL: Hogwarts house. What would you be in?

BC: Oh, um, I gotta be in Gryffindor, I know it’s the easy answer but I gotta be a Gryffindor.

WL: Why are you a Gryffindor?

BC: Because, I honestly I just… it’s the cool house to be!

WL: Would you date a fan?

BC: Would I date a fan? I mean, I am single, so I’m always open to the possibility of whoever [sic] peaks my interest.

WL: Your favorite thing about being a StarKid?

BC: The cool thing about being in StarKid is being able to be in a musical with all of your friends and just being able to like have fun and create and goof around and make a lot of people really happy. That’s definitely the best part.

WL: Do you have any advice for aspiring performers?

BC: I would say just hard work. Hard work pays off, hard work is going to create opportunities, and there’s really no obstacle you can’t overcome if you’ve got hard work. And stick with it. Don’t give up.

WL: If you could be anyone for a day, who would you be and why?

BC: I would be Adam Richman who’s the host of a show called Man vs. Food on the Travel Channel. Because I am the biggest foodie of all time and he gets to go to the best places in America and eat and I seriously like, one of my biggest passions outside of acting is food and finding good food and finding great restaurants in different cities.

WL: What’s your favourite thing you’ve ever eaten?

BC: I would say, when I moved to Los Angeles I roadtripped across the country and we were actually in Montana, and we—my roommate and I—stopped in this small town in the middle of Montana and it was basically this rodeo restaurant and you actually drove up and you like saw the cows across the fence and you knew that’s what you were eating and it was the best steak I’ve ever had and it was the best meal and like the atmosphere was great, it was all just a bunch of local people. Everyone was just like cow boys and ranchers, it wasn’t like a tourist attraction, it was just an awesome place and the food was the best food I’ve ever had.

WL: Craziest thing you’ve ever done?

BC: The craziest thing I’ve ever done… well, um, I would say one of the one things I’m most proud of myself of when I was eighteen, I drove across the country back and forth by myself and there’s certainly more adventures things out there but being eighteen it was absolutely one of the most liberating experiences. I kinda did my own thing, I like went, I just kind of roamed around, I met people; I was travelling back and forth between Los Angeles and it was really like the first time for me that I ever really felt like an independent person. Because before that I was living with my parents and then I got to travel by myself and I got to do my thing. Sorry–I know you wanted me to see like I jumped off a building or something.

WL: Who’s the weirdest person you’ve met on that trip?

BC: There was a thing in South Dakota called The Corn Palace ‘cause the only thing South Dakota has is billboards advertising things to stop off in these towns for. So all it is, is billboard after billboard of all these things and I kept seeing these billboards advertising The Corn Palace and I’m like “what is this? Is it a palace made of corn?” Yes it was, and it’s this thing that’s been around since the twenties, and so I pull up there, and all they really do is you get to take a couple pictures in front of this enormous building that’s made of corn; then you go inside and they sell corn cobs and popcorn and everything corn, and I talked to this fifteen year old girl who lived in this small town in South Dakota, and she was one of the most peculiar individuals I’ve ever met. I was completely fascinated, and she inspired a whole improv character that I do and she was one of the most fascinating individuals.

WL: What acting background do you have?

BC: I have mostly a theatre background, as I mentioned I grew up in Chicago and mainly stuck with theatre. I went to University of Michigan for musical theatre so I do mostly musicals, so I’m a singer and] also have some dancing background and things like that so pretty much since Los Angeles I’ve gotten into the improve and commercial/film aspect of acting. But I have mainly a musical theatre background.

WL: How do you feel coming into a group that has such a huge and dedicated fan base already? Is it kind of intimidating or are you comfortable or what?

BC: No, you know, it’s kind of exactly what we ask for. I mean, it’s intimidating in a sense but I love it. We just thrive off the energy of our fans.

Denise Donovan
Wizarding Life: What is your day job?

Denise Donovan: I’m actually a nanny, and I teach yoga and cardio classes.

WL: Who is a person who inspires you?

DD: I’m most inspired by Jim Carrey. He is my favorite person of all time. I’m a pretty big fan of Zach Galifianakis too, but Jim Carrey I really love.

WL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

DD: I just want to keep making people laugh. My biggest thing is just laughter, whether it’s my brother and I quoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or me making up some weird, crazy characters in public, I just like to make people laugh and I want to make a living out of it one day.

WL: What has your most embarrassing moment with StarKid been?

DD: Um… okay, well, that would be last night when Matt Lang beat me at Connect Four four times in a row. I was like “shit, am I dumb?” He was like, “I don’t think you’re dumb, I really don’t.” and I was like “I think I’m a fricking dumbass.”

WL: Most amazing moment with StarKid?

DD: Honestly, just reading the script. I was floored by the humor. It’s so, so good—it really is to me, it’s genius, it’s complete genius, and I’m just so thrilled to be a part of this group, I’m freaking out about it.

WL: Most memorable fan moment?

DD: Well I don’t really think I have fans yet? But I did a lot of children’s theater growing up and I really liked playing evil characters and small children would like, scratch me or kick me or poke me or beat me.

WL: Most creepy fan moment?

DD: Creepy? I don’t really have a creepy moment yet.

WL: How tall are you?

DD: I’m about 5’5”.

WL: Favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

DD: I would have to say, I know that this does not really count, but I’m just really into A Very Potter Musical. That’s only my only link to do with Harry Potter. I’ve seen a few of the movies and then I’m like “this is so gross and incredible and mind-boggling” but I just really like A Very Potter Musical.

WL: Celebrity crush?

DD: My biggest celebrity crush is Jeremy Irons. I don’t know if it was Scar in [The] Lion King that did it for me, or maybe his performance in The Three Musketeers, but I have always been in love with Jeremy Irons.

WL: Would you date a fan?

DD: I think that… yeah? Because it’d probably make me feel really cool…

WL: What’s your favorite thing about being a StarKid?

DD: I just love the people. I mean, it’s so awesome to just hang out with the people and talk about farts and poop and silly things all day. And they’re the best people just to be super weird around. I feel like I’m a noodle around them, like I’m a goof. So it’s very comfortable.

WL: Do you have any advice for aspiring performers?

DD: I think, just stick to what makes you happiest and what you think you’re the best at. ‘Cause so many people are going to tell you they prefer this, or they prefer that, or they thought this was funny, or that this was funnier than that was. Do what you like. I always tell people I would be so happy just to have this small group of people that liked what I did as opposed to me not liking myself and trying to be famous or trying to be a big deal. I just want to be fun for people that like it.

WL: If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be and why?

DD: I would definitely be my dad. He’s like a corporate comedian. My dad has a big job in Michigan. I think one of the greatest stories, he was in a big conference call with a bunch of bigwigs and he was like “Guys, I hope you know everything we’re talking about isn’t going to matter.” And his boss was like, “Why, Kevin?” and he was like “Because we don’t know what’s going to happen this weekend.” And they were like, “What do you mean?” And he was like, “Who’s going to win: Alien or Predator?” He just has the silliest things to say all the time and I love his attitude. He’s just a really fun, great guy who never takes life too seriously and he just never seems too stressed out. I like that.

WL: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

DD: Wow, there are so many of those… there are a few things. Where I’m from in Michigan there’s this restaurant called Big Boy, it’s like a burger joint, and once I climbed the marquee and waved to people in traffic. It was like two stories tall. Um… I know there are better things but I just can’t think of them right now.

WL: What are you doing when you’re not with StarKid?

DD: Um… well I hang out a lot with Meredith Stepien. I really enjoy just watching movies and I really enjoy just eating in general. I love food in Chicago. When I go home to my parents’ house, I love fishing, and I also go deer hunting with my parents. I really like the outdoors.

WL: Tell us about yourself. What’s your acting background?

DD: When I was younger—I have a huge Irish family, I have a million cousins and aunts and uncles—and I first started doing shows for them when I was younger. And they were really creepy. I would just go into my grandma’s basement and like make up a dance and stuff and I’d call the whole family downstairs and me and my cousins Courtney and Kristin would just perform these shows that we’d made up. And my classic line when I was younger was “Everyone, please put down your babies.” And um, I used to sing a lot of George Michael and Paula Abdul when I was younger, so I had started dancing first which I really loved and I danced in college too; then I started acting around ten-years-old. I just always knew I wanted to be this silly character. I definitely never had any interest in being a princess or a queen; I always wanted to be either funny or evil. That’s what I’ve done a lot. I mean, I’m blonde, so I’ve definitely played a lot of ditzier roles and dumber roles but I like to think I bring something silly and unique to it… hopefully.


Meredith Stepien

Wizarding Life: What is your day job?

Meredith: I have two day jobs. I’m a nanny twice a week and I’m a personal assistant twice a week and then I have Fridays off.

WL: Who’s somebody who inspires you?

Meredith: Let’s see… I’m really inspired by Billy Joel.

WL: Where do you see yourself in five years?

MS: Wow.. um… hopefully I won’t be nannying anymore. I mean I really like nannying but those kinds are going to be growing up and going to school. I might still be in Chicago; I really like it here so far. Hopefully I’ll be traveling more; I’ve never done that really.

WL: What has been your most embarrassing moment with StarKid?

MS: Let me think… last night I played Twister with them and it was Twister girl talk and I lost pretty much immediately. My legs are so weak and I just realized how weak my legs are, as a human; we live in the world of yoga and I just shouldn’t be like that, you know?

WL: How tall are you?

MS: I’m like 5’5″.

WL: What is your favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

MS: Harry Potter book and movie is probably three. Book three and movie three!

WL: Do you have a celebrity crush?

MS: Right now I’m really into Jamie Lidell. I just really like his music and he’s just a man I’d like to hold in my arms.

WL: What is your Hogwarts house?

MS: I’ve been told I’m a Hufflepuff—I’ve just been told I’m a good friend.

WL: Do you think that you would date a fan?

MS: If they were old enough and, like, if they could do a backflip, then why not?

WL: What is your favorite part about being a StarKid?

MS: Well just being around these buddies of mine, they’re just my really good buddies. Before StarKid even started we were just really good buddies and they’re the most loyal friends in the world so it’s just really fun to do a project with them. It’s not something a lot of people get to do.

WL: Do you have any advice for aspiring performers?

MS: I’d say don’t give up and don’t be afraid to spread your wings and try new things because you never know if you have hidden talents.

WL: If you could be anyone for a day who would you be and why?

MS: Oh gosh… probably Tim Gunn. He’s just a really good guy and I can just feel it in his heart and he just, literally, walks around all day looking at people’s clothes and saying that they look nice. And then he sips champagne with Heidi… He just looks like he really knows what he’s doing.

WL: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

MS: The craziest thing? Um… one time I snuck out in the middle of the night in high school and drove to a Taco Bell and ate Taco Bell and then a police man came up and was like “What are you doing?” I was like, “Just eating Taco Bell, I swear.” And he was like, “Okay.”

WL: Are you attending a University right now?

MS: No, I’m all done. I did U[niversity] of M[ichigan] with all of those silly people.

WL: When did you graduate?

MS: In ‘09, with everyone else.

WL: What are you doing when you’re not with Team StarKid?

MS: Well, like I said, I’m nannying a lot. I’m trying really hard to get this band going, because I miss being in a band so much. So I’ve started one. But the thing is everyone out here can sing, but there’s only three of us that can play instruments so it’s just three instruments and a bunch of singers. We’re going to be called Jim and the Povolos which is based off of Jim Povolo, our friend, and a lot of the StarKids are in it but only a couple of them have rehearsed. We haven’t really started up or played a show. It’s kind of just… I’m really just pressuring everyone a lot and we’ll see if it comes to something.

WL: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What’s your acting background?

MS: I have been acting since childhood and I acted a lot with Denise growing up. She was kind of my acting partner in crime and then we had to split up for college and now we’re back together again. It’s a really big deal. But um, yeah, and then I went to U of M for it and for the past year and a couple months I’ve been living here in Chicago and fr a while I was just doing straight-up stand-up comedy and I kind of gave up on the acting for a little bit but then obviously I didn’t let that continue for too long. Then I started doing some shows at this theater here called Gorilla Tango Theater and I did four shows there and now this is my next show. That’s pretty much it. One year, only four shows, but a lot of stand-up.

WL: How does it feel to become a part of a group that has such a huge and dedicated fanbase? Were you intimidated?

MS: Yeah! I’m like terrified. That’s why I’m such a nervous wreck right now. [Laughs] I’ve never been in the public eye. And I’m really just pretty dorky.


Brian Holden
Wizarding Life: What is your day job?

Brian Holden: Well, I currently don’t have one, but I used to be a server at a Disney restaurant in Hollywood.

WL: Who inspires you?

BH: Who inspires me? Well, I always say that Bill Murray has always been my comedic influence, I think since I was a young boy when I saw Ghostbusters. I used to pretend to be a ghostbuster day and night, pretty much, so Bill Murray is my comedic influence. Um… let’s see what a good thing to be inspiring [in] day-to-day life…I guess it’s…good people. People who volunteer at homeless shelters.

WL: That’s sweet! Where do you want to see yourself in five years?

BH: Where do I what to see myself? I would like to continue seeing myself in mirrors! So hopefully I will not be a vampire five years from now…Oh, you mean career-wise?

WL: Yes!

BH: Oh, I don’t know, it’s hard to say because two years ago I never expected any of this stuff to happen. It’s like, I don’t know, but if I had to say something, I would probably say writing a new show, acting in a new show, pretty much the same stuff I do now. Hopefully with a little more of a cushion beneath me, because right now, at the moment, we really are just flying by the seat of our pants! We’ve got a lot riding on Starship!

WL: Can you tell us anything about StarKid’s new show, Starship? Besides the fact that it’s a musical.

BH: Yeah, Starship is a really cool show, a show which takes place on a distant planet in the future, and it takes place on a world inhabited by bugs. And our story follows one bug in particular called “Bug”, who has spent his life sort of visiting this wrecked starship on his planet that was brought to the planet by humans, but now it’s just wreckage. So he just looks around there, and checks out their posters and videos–like the recruitment videos, the captain’s log, things like that–and he is just in love with the idea of the Starship Rangers and being human. To him, being a Starship Ranger human is about the coolest, bravest thing you could do. The story starts with his adventure when a new starship comes to his planet, with new humans, and so Bug becomes interested in them and he starts to learn from the humans and he starts to learn about being a bug too! And it has puppets!

WL: What is your most embarrassing moment in StarKid?

BH: Like in the plays? Or otherwise?

WL: On- or off-stage, really. I know I would be embarrassed if I had to go on stage in nothing but my underwear!

BH: Yeah, you’d think so…

WL: You were comfortable with that?

BH: You just sort of have to force yourself into being comfortable with it. I knew it was bloody, which helped out a lot. So I was half naked, covered in stage blood and had a ridiculous mustache, so…

WL: Your mustache wasn’t ridiculous.

BH: Oh, thank you. I would say the most embarrassing thing that happened was when one night during the Sequel show, I almost forgot to go on stage with the dead Peter Pettigrew dummy over my shoulders. There was a big silence, so that was one time I remember being embarrassed. Because the rest of the time I was having so much fun.

WL: What is your most amazing moment with StarKid?

BH: There are a lot of amazing moments I’ve had with StarKid. Sometimes just seeing the shows come together is amazing. With StarKid, the most amazing thing about it is being able to do all this –[it] is pretty amazing. Also, I think learning some of the dances in the Sequel I thought was pretty amazing. I don’t know, here really have been a lot of amazing moments. One of the most recent amazing moments was going to Infinitus this past summer and being able to see all the fans there; it was pretty overwhelming. It’s nice to see so many people who really support the company!

WL: What’s your most memorable fan moment?

BH: Infinitus had a million fan moments. Like, all the t-shirts that people had, with the different slogans they picked up. I think the most memorable fan moment was back when we put the play online, but three weeks later, somebody had invited us to Azkatraz, the big conference in San Francisco, and I had never been to a Harry Potter convention, so I had no idea what to expect. I went with Darren, Nick, Matt, Eric, and Joey Richter, and Dylan Saunders was there for part of it. But, I would say that my most memorable moment was, we went on this thing called Wrock Around the Rock, which was a boat that went on a cruise around San Francisco bay and around Alcatraz, and all the wizard rock bands were there, like The Remus Lupins, that’s when I met Alex Carpenter for the first time, who I now consider a good friend. I met a lot of really cool people there and it was pretty cool.

But, the most memorable fan moment was when we walked on to the ship, and we were dressed up–we had Hogwarts ties and hats, because we wanted to look like a team, basically. Team Gryffindor, we called ourselves. And so we walked onto the ship, and we saw people turn and stare, and recognize us as, the guys who did the Potter Musical. And they were taking pictures. It was just cool because it took a lot of the pressure away. So we took pictures with people, and we started hanging out with them. And I wasn’t as crazy as the Infinitus thing or as it is sometimes after the plays and stuff. It was fun!

WL: Do you have a creepiest fan moment?

BH: Uh…let’s see, again, pretty much Infinitus. Infinitus is an all-encompassing fan moment. Sometimes you would hear people yell weird things at you. I think now I have subconsciously blocked them out. I think some creepy fan moments would be like, when we would see captioned pictures of us on Tumblr. So, that’s pretty creepy, I guess. Yeah, I’ll just say that, that ranks up there.

WL: How tall are you?

BH: I’m 5’8″.

WL: What is your favorite Harry Potter book and movie?

BH: Well, my favorite movie is the The Sorcerer’s Stone, because it feels more like Harry Potter the books, and I love it at the end when Neville gets the house points. My favorite book would have to be the sixth book, The Half-Blood Prince. The sixth book is a nice release after the fifth book, where Dumbledore doesn’t talk to Harry at all. It’s like Harry was coming into his destiny a bit more in the sixth book. It’s been a while since I have actually read them, but then also, the cool thing about it part of it was he had to get that Horcrux. I thought the seventh book was going to be more like that, but it wasn’t. The sixth book just made you so scared that you’re thinking, “Man, it was hard just to get one of these, imagine how it is going to get more or find out what happen to the others!” The other true thing is, I didn’t read the books until a year before the seventh book came out. So I sort of sat with the sixth one the longest. I was able to think about the sixth one. Like there were cliff hangers in the book like R.A.B., and stuff like that you get to speculate on. So, yeah. So, I say the sixth book, first movie.

WL: Do you have a celebrity crush?

BH: Well, I used to have a huge crush on Jessica Alba, back when I used to watch Dark Angel. Scarlett Johansson is pretty high up there also. And everybody says Natalie Portman, so I feel weird about saying it, but Natalie Portman too.

WL: If you were at Hogwarts, what house would you be in?

BH: Gryffindor–they’re the good guys!

WL: Would you date a fan?

BH: Uh, yeah sure! I mean, I wouldn’t date someone because they were a fan; I would like to think I was going out with someone who had similar interests, and who I thought was pretty, and hopefully they would like me as well. Um, but it’s not a deal breaker I guess if they’re a fan of my work. That’s a weird thing to say. Usually that’s a requirement.

WL: What’s your favorite thing about being a StarKid?

BH: The company jet!

WL: [Laughs]

BH: Yeah, that’s it.

WL: Okay, all right. Do you have any advice for aspiring performers?

BH: Well, I think the most important thing, for an aspiring performer, is that you have to do what makes you happy. Or, if you choose to do acting, and it becomes a hassle and a headache, and brings unwanted stress into your life, you should give it up if you’re not enjoying it. Because there are so few reasons to do it if you’re not enjoying it. There’s actually no reason to do it if you’re not enjoying it. Like, I was living in L.A. and doing improve comedy, which I enjoy and stuff, but I was sort of fighting the rat race of getting in with casting directors and stuff. I still have like 150 headshots, and they’re just sort of sitting around, because I never got around to using them when I was in L.A., but that’s when I was writing A Very Potter Musical with Nick and Matt. It was something I wanted to do more than any of the things I was looking at; they had websites you can go to and try to get an acting gig, and stuff like that, and I would so much rather write a comedy with my friends than be in a short film about drugs, because that’s what seems like all the short films are about these days. So basically, seek out what makes you happy. You gotta make sure it’s a good time. Because, if it’s not a good time, you should just quit!

WL: If you could be anybody for a day, who would you be?

BH: I’d probably be Nick Lang. So I could just see what I look like, when I walk around.

WL: [Laughs]

BH: Just to have a nice out-of-body experience. So, I would have to travel in time and go into Nick’s body. Because I would have to go back in time when I was still in my body instead of just an empty vessel.

WL: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

BH: One time in high school, we decided to pull a prank on our choir teacher. So we got a giant stuffed teddy bear, and we emptied all the stuffing. I got inside the teddy bear, and when I got to school at six in the morning, we put the teddy bear inside his office. I was in it, obviously; I was too big so I couldn’t get all the way inside it, so my legs were sticking out of it, so we put the bottom part of it in a box, and stuffed newspaper in it, and on the teddy bear was a sign that said “Thank You Mr. Cobb”. So when he came in–and I was in there for about a half hour, by the way–he came in, turned on the lights, and walked in his office, he just looked at the bear, and said “I’ll get to that in a minute.” And he walked out of his office for a few minutes, and he came back, he picked up the card, and I jumped. When I jumped, I tried to jump out of the box, but my legs had fallen asleep, so I just fell over. But, before I even took off the bear head, he knew it was me. He said “Good morning, Brian.”

WL: If you could sing one song from the shows, which song would it be?

BH: You know what song I really enjoy singing?

WL: Which?

BH: “Different As Can Be”, from A.V.P.M. That’s probably my favorite song from the first one. I’d say, either that or “Ready to Go” from M.A.M.D. and sing all the parts by myself.

WL: Along with acting, you also do a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff. What is your favorite part of doing a production?

BH: Well, writing is always pretty fun; it can also be a terrible experience, but usually at the end the writing is pretty fun, because you got a really good script that you know so well. When we write a script, like Starship for instance, at the end of it, Nick and Matt Lang, and myself could act it all out ourselves. It’s really cool to see all the different parts but it gets all broken down when you first give it to the actors though. So, that particularly is fun. And acting is fun too. So, for me, it’s writing at the end of the process, and then acting it all out.

WL: Why did you want to audition for Lupin in A.V.P.S., and how did you come up with his personality? Your Lupin is swearing in front of children, he’s drinking heavily, etc.

BH: I didn’t really audition for Lupin, We just always knew I was going to be in it, Because I wasn’t in the first one, so they gave me a role as one of the new characters in the Sequel, so we decided Lupin was going to be a good one. So as we were writing it, I don’t know thinking about the character, you’re right, because the main thing about Lupin is that he looks like a homeless guy. I mean, they think he is homeless when he got on the train. So, we thought about it, and one of the main attributes of being a homeless person is sort of being crazy, drunk, scatterbrained and all.

As far as swearing in front of children, we needed to be like the rest of the characters in Harry Potter, which is they really behave inappropriately in front of children. So once when we ran with the homeless idea, we just kept thinking, “Man, this is a guy who can’t help but embarrass himself!” So that came up with “I’ll have a mustache, I wake up as a werewolf, covered in blood and still in his underwear.” We just kept thinking “Doesn’t anyone notice [that] he just leaves all the time?” and we had to make so obvious that he is a werewolf.

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oh my god, Brian Holden ♥
conner: lauren lopez fell downomgsellie on February 8th, 2011 01:03 am (UTC)
WL: Do you have a creepiest fan moment?

BH: Uh…let’s see, again, pretty much Infinitus. Infinitus is an all-encompassing fan moment. Sometimes you would hear people yell weird things at you. I think now I have subconsciously blocked them out. I think some creepy fan moments would be like, when we would see captioned pictures of us on Tumblr. So, that’s pretty creepy, I guess. Yeah, I’ll just say that, that ranks up there.

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Brian's story about hiding in the teddy bear? Fan-fucking-tastic. XD