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starkidpotter's Journal

Team StarKid Love
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This is a community devoted to the love of Team StarKid's original webseries Little White Lie, A Very Potter Musical, Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Sequel and the upcoming Starship in February 2011. Feel free to post any kind of fanart, icons, wallpapers, and anything else you can think of to spread the Team StarKid love!

Please read the rules before posting.

This is NOT a community for requests of any kind. If you like someone's creations and you would like them to create something specifically for you, then you can leave a comment on their post. They can then choose whether to honor your request or not. If a person makes multiple request posts, they will be banned from this community.

Posting is moderated by shiraz_wine.

StarKidPotter has released a F.A.Q. about A Very Potter Musical and Little White Lie.

Little White Lie: Amazon; iTunes
A Very Potter Musical: Bandcamp
Me and My Dick: iTunes
A Very StarKid Album: Amazon; iTunes; Bandcamp
A Very Potter Sequel: Bandcamp
Starship: iTunes; Amazon

If you would rather keep track of Team StarKid news yourself, here are some useful links:

Team StarKid T-shirts
Team StarKid's Facebook Fan page

A.J. Holmes's music
Darren Criss's music: YouTube; Myspace. EP Human: Amazon; iTunes. Glee music: Teenage Dream; Hey, Soul Sister; Baby, It's Cold Outside; Bills, Bills, Bills; When I Get You Alone; Glee: The Music Presents The Warblers. Dress and Tie by Charlene Kaye: Amazon; iTunes. Darren Criss merchandise.

Alle-Faye Monka's website
Darren Criss's website
Dylan Saunder's website
Jamie Lyn Beatty's website
Joseph Moses's website
Joe Walker's website

Facebook pages:
Brian Holden
Darren Criss
Dylan Saunders
Jaime Lyn Beatty
Joe Walker
Joseph Moses
Jim Povolo
Lauren Lopez
Richard Campbell
Tyler Brunsman

Twitter accounts:
Team StarKid
A.J. Holmes
Ali Gordon
Bonnie Gruesen
Brant Cox
Brian Holden
Brian Rosenthal
Britney Coleman
Carlos Valdes
Corey Dorris
Corey Lubowich
Darren Criss
Devin Lytle
Dylan Saunders
Jaime Lyn Beatty
Jim Povolo; Jim's ongoing story, Spaceman_X
Joe Moses
Joe Walker
Joey Richter
Julia Albain
Lauren Lopez
Lily Marks
Meredith Stepien
Richard Campbell
Tyler Brunsman

Freelance Whales
Chuck Criss

Other productions associated with Team StarKid:
Doppelganger, starring A.J. Holmes
Camp Chapel, starring Joey Richter
World's Worst Musical, created by Corey Lubowich and starring various members of Team StarKid

Other Team StarKid Fan Sites:
Fuck Yeah, Dikrats!
Fuck Yeah Joe Moses!